“RevJATB” is me, John Allen Bankson. I have loved baking pretty much all my life. That love came from my family, and I have included some cherished family recipes in my book in their honour. The name of the blog, “Bengtsson’s Baking,” and of the book, Bengtsson’s Baking Secrets, are also an homage to my family as it reflects the original spelling of my last name and highlights the Swedish heritage behind it. I do include some traditional Swedish delights in the book, but mostly the focus is just good, all-natural, homemade foods for your family!

Please take a look at the Table of Contents of the book, which I have posted on this blog. There are lots of great things there, and I will be adding more all the time. And if you get the book, every time there is an update, you will get it free of charge. You also get, along with the price of the book, free support from me, by phone or by Skype or FaceTime. I want to help you be the best baker ever!

I hope you enjoy the book. Thank you so much for your support. You can click here to order the book. Please contact me below if you have any questions!

John Allen Bankson


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